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A Philanthropic Internet Experiment

Welcome to our internet marketing experiment – A Philanthropic Internet Experiment.

Sharing with the elderly has always been something I enjoy. Over the years I have spent time with lonely older people in Eldery home facilities. Yet lately a feeling of wanting to do more for these people has surfaced, I want do more for the individuals who don’t have money or family and are living a lonely existence, “the loneliest among the lonely”. I can’t shake the thought of the loneliest people in nursing homes or living by themselves with nothing but time & nobody to spend it with.

So, I started something nobody has heard of before, a “Philanthropic Internet Experiment”. This experiment will fund the efforts required to reach out and do special things for a lonely group of people. You see, pays me a small percentage of your Amazon purchases so the funds for this experiment come out of their pocket, not yours. All the funds I receive from your Amazon purchase will be used to calm the hearts of elderly lonely people.

It’s very simple to participate, just follow these steps:

  1. Bookmark this page. (or “Add Favorite”)
  2. Come here next time you want to shop or buy something from the Amazon website.
  3. Click any banner on this site. (You will be redirected to as my guest)
  4. Shop as usual.

Once you are on the website you will not see my name anywhere, but have confidence if you entered the website from a banner on this site you are at the right place.

Simply put, “Come to the website and click on any banner before you buy from the” website.

Rejoice knowing the results you produce for participating in this experiment will benefit you and many others.

Thank you
“Our Primal Duty is to Love One Another”